Beauty Lies In Your Eyes.

Beauty Lies In Your Eyes.

Crystals of Sheba across the blue seas,
Petals of gold dipped in greens,
Diamonds carved into cups with rubies lie at your feet,
Beauty lies in your eyes.

Mouth watering chocolates,
Ground breaking accolades,
Your regelia; a coffee brown skin, alluring and tempting,
Beauty lies in your eyes.

Twenty eight milk teeth an offering from the gods,
A toothless grin a gift buried in a bud,
Nine months of pain gives birth to gain,
Beauty lies in your eyes.

Pangs of labour pushes her to scream,
Five hours later her joy is filled to the brim,
Year after year her body sags and fail,
Beauty lies in your eyes.

She offers her palms to the earth as a burnt offering,
Bathing in her sweat even if her world comes crumbling,
Her seeds are her pride; one she would compromise,
Beauty lies in your eyes.

© Teenah.

Photo credit : © Gaby Riva

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